Television & Live Events

He’s levitated 10ft above the 50 yard line while surrounded by 70,000 people during an NFL halftime show at Bank of America Stadium, read the minds of 40,000 people at the same time at Kauffman Stadium, made a 20ft wide American flag appear on the South Lawn of The White House, caused the Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra to read the minds of their audience and play songs only thought of, caused Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley to comment in amazement on national television during his halftime show for the Chicago Bulls NBA playoff game, levitated in the center of Hollywood Blvd and walked through steel for CW’s “Masters of Illusion” and Pop TV’s “Don’t Blink”, and escaped from between walls of flaming spikes before an audience of millions on NBC. 

The Magic of Michael Grandinetti combines cutting edge magic and illusions with music, comedy, suspense, romance, and audience participation to create a live performance presented with a fresh, contemporary, engaging style.  

Performance lengths can range from a 3-5 minute single illusion segment to a full 90-minute feature presentation.  Each show is custom tailored to fit the needs and specifications of each event, program, and venue.  And, with a large inventory of original creations, a Michael Grandinetti performance is guaranteed to feature magic that can’t be seen anywhere else in the world. 

When a custom illusion is requested, Michael applies his knowledge of illusion, engineering, and psychological principals to create an original design based on the requirements of each event.  Then, working with a team of builders who have constructed effects for national tours and several Broadway shows, Michael transforms each idea into reality. 

Performance styles include:

GRAND ILLUSION:  This spectacular, large-scale style of magic is perfect for venues including stadiums, casinos, sound stages, and performing arts centers.  With a full cast of dancers and stage technicians, Michael creates larger than life illusions including visibly separating a girl in half, with no cover, walking through a 7ft tall wall of solid steel, levitating in mid-air while giving the audience a 360 degree view, and vanishing from a suspended platform high above the stage.  And, this is just the beginning. 

STAGE MAGIC:  Roses visibly bloom, secret thoughts are revealed, inanimate objects come to life, and borrowed items travel through time – Michael’s stage magic combines visual stand-up effects with audience participation, creating a unique environment where the audience is pulled into the show.  This practical style of magic is compatible with any venue, even outdoors. 

CLOSE-UP SLEIGHT OF HAND:  Watch closely as Michael creates miracles just inches away from your eyes and in your own hands.  This fun, personal, interactive style of entertainment makes a memorable connection with each audience.

CUSTOM MAGIC & ILLUSION:  Are you looking for a magical way to add magic to a theater production, unveil your new product, introduce a celebrity or featured guest, or kick off your event?  In the past, Michael has transformed fire into a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, caused the 300lb Philadelphia Phillies mascot, The Phanatic, to instantly appear in the outfield of Citizens Bank Park, and transformed a tuxedo into the conductor of the Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra – all in front of amazed live audiences.  Contact us with your request and we will bring it to life.

MAGIC CONSULTATION: As an expert teacher in the art of illusion, Michael can train your lead actors and actresses, featured guests, or company executives to incorporate magic into a film, television program, theater production, or live event.  Past projects include teaching magic to actress Adrienne Frantz for the CBS daytime drama “The Bold and the Beautiful”, developing a unique guest appearance for the TBS show “Conan” starring Conan O’Brien, creating and teaching sleight of hand effects to introduce the new $20 bill in a national commercial for the US Treasury, and adding historical magic information and effects for several film and stage scripts. 

TV and Live Event Magic