Corporate Magic

As one of the country’s top corporate entertainers, Michael Grandinetti combines stunning visual illusions with a company’s brand,  message, and executives to convey their product benefits in a unique, compelling, fun, and, most importantly, memorable way.

With his unique ability to design and incorporate magic to fit any theme, Michael’s work has been featured in sales programs, trade shows, and corporate galas from coast to coast.  His clients have included Fortune 500 companies and major corporations such as Mazda, Rite-Aid, Hewlett Packard, Grainger, Ernst & Young, The American Marketing Association, Southwest Airlines, Harley-Davidson, Benjamin Moore Paints, and Bayer.

A small example of the custom branded magic Michael has created includes:

American Marketing Association – to illustrate “communication at the speed of light”, Michael caused a laptop computer to instantly teleport from one side of the stage to the other and made CEO Dennis Dunlap magically appear from a two dimensional video projection to start his presentation in Orlando, Florida.

JDA Software – showing that their competitor’s dangerous lies wouldn’t harm the strength of JDA, Michael caused a wall of steel spikes to melt through the company’s CEO while he continued to smile, laugh, and joke with the audience at New York City’s Javits Convention Center.

Grainger Industrial – bringing the client’s product directly into the magic, Michael cut the company’s Chief Financial Officer in half using a Grainger supplied reciprocating saw at Chicago’s Navy Pier.

Mazda Cash Event – for the annual event honoring the company’s top sales staff at the MGM Grand Resort in Connecticut, Michael caused $100,000 to magically appear inside a clear glass case.

Chef’s Diet – to display the menu choices for their potential customers in a compelling, engaging way, Michael created an online interactive illusion in which Chef Diet’s website read the mind of the user by telling them the menu choice they were only thinking of.

Larger than Life Magic – Michael was even called about the possibility of making the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the world’s tallest building, magically appear – before it was built!

Whether you’re interested in a 90-minute featured performance, a series of appearances throughout an event or an awards presentation, a unique way to unveil your product, or an innovative way to include interactive magic in your marketing materials, Michael Grandinetti Magic can add a visual element of amazement to your business that your guests, customers, and audiences will not forget.