“Thank you for making the Diamond Children’s Medical Center Gala a huge success.  All of your extra time and attention to detail were truly appreciated by everyone and your special shows for the children were truly amazing.  We were all in awe of the magic you shared with us the past two days.”

- Anne Bryan, Entertainment Producer, Diamond Children's Medical Center Gala

“I have seen him many times and he is great.”

- George Schlatter, Emmy-winning Television Producer and Director

“It was a pleasure to have a true professional in the house.  It was a great show and the audience loved the experience!” 

- Rob Howick, Entertainment Centre, Casino Rama, Ontario Canada

“Our guests and members loved your show and we are still basking in the compliments!  Thank you for astounding and amazing the audience.  When we need more magic, we know who to call on – YOU!”

- Mary Lee Berger-Hughes, National Academy of Engineering, Washington DC

“Your performance was fantastic.  I’ve never had a President’s Dinner performance that kept so many people glued to their seats.  Well done!”

- Jeff Fishback, Auto Show Director, Oregon Auto Dealers Association

“The raves are still coming in!  All are saying what a great job you did.  Thanks for making it a special night for us!”

- Greg Remensperger, Executive Vice President, Oregon Auto Dealers Association

“Thank you to you and your crew for sharing your talents and your professionalism, and for putting on a brilliant show.  I had some friends in the audience, theatre professionals, and they were blown away!  You are both a consummate professional and a sublime artist.  Your performance added an extra dimension to our pops programming which was thrilling for the audience, gratifying for our musicians, and a pleasure for our staff and crew to host.  To others out there, if you get the opportunity to work with Michael and his magic, don’t pass it up.”

- Curtis Lindsay, General Manager, Huntsville Symphony Orchestra

“What a great night, we had a BLAST!  The show was amazing!” 

- Erica Jackman, Director of Marketing, Huntsville Symphony Orchestra

“Your entertainment throughout the night and your amazing stage performance made it truly special for all attendees.  Thanks for all of the hard work and creativity.  I hope our paths cross again soon!”

- Jonathan Bennett, Chief Merchandising Officer, Interline Brands

“Not only is Michael an entertaining magician, he’s also a great TV personality – one who wows audiences and wins them over at the same time.”

- Brittany Frederick, Hidden Remote

“You were amazing.  I look forward to more magic at Universal Studios in the future!”

- Mario Teruel, Manager, Location and Production, Universal Studios Hollywood

“Illusionist Michael Grandinetti performed some masterful magic that intersected with a filmed introduction by AMA CEO Dennis Dunlap, climaxing with the organization leader suddenly stepping out of a box that was empty just moments before.  Quite a show!”

- Piet Levy, American Marketing Association Blog

“We had several guests this morning, you were the best!  Thanks for a great interview.  Look forward to seeing your TV appearances!”

- Roger Monroe, WAZU 90.7 FM Morning Show, Peoria, IL

“You are top notch and a real pro, and our associates are still trying to figure out how you did those amazing magic acts!”

- Janice Spurlock, Director, Creative Media Services, Rite-Aid Corporation

“Your magic is truly inspiring.  You made me believe in anything and everything.  I have never been to a magic show before and you made my first show breathtaking.”

- Josie Mico, Grand Sierra Resort and Casino, Reno, NV

“Wow, what a great show, you are truly a gifted magician. I’m sure we’ll see you again in the not so distant future. Thank you!”

- Chef Jimmy Nadell, Corporate Event, Aspen, CO

“I just wanted to let you know our client was thrilled with the outcome of the event and said your performance went great! Thanks for working with us to create such a successful event!”

- Erin Lapeyre, Kansas City Life Gala, Kansas City, MO

“You were just absolutely incredible! You are so talented and everyone was in awe of your magic and illusions! One of the guests came up to me at the end and could not get over the corner of the dollar bill trick! He kept talking about it!!!”

- Harmonie Kreiger, Pop Your Shop Events, Beverly Hills, CA

“We thoroughly enjoyed having you perform for our client and quite honestly I can’t remember any performer being quite as accommodating and such a pleasure to work with both in advance of the event and on the performance day. You are a true pro (and your team as well). You were such a hit.”

- Bonnie Piedmonte, Southwest Airlines Anniversary Gala, Dallas, TX

“Your show was tremendous!”

- Greg Galiette, Louisville Bats Baseball, Louisville, KY

“Your work is truly amazing, and audiences would certainly be excited to see your illusions, magic, and spectacle.”

- Daryl Roth, Tony Award Winning Broadway Producer

“It was a pleasure to work with you. Your magical illusions added a special dynamic to our shows and our audience enjoyed your presentations immensely.”

- Matthew L. Feldman, The Phoenix Symphony, Phoenix, AZ

“You were amazing! How in the world did you levitate??!”

- John Conti, The Franchise Sports Talk Radio Host / Mission Bay Theatre Audience Member

“If you’re a fan of magic, or just want to see great live entertainment, don’t miss the chance to catch Michael Grandinetti while he’s in San Diego. His performances are engaging and entertaining for all audiences, and his personality will win you over just as much as his magic. He is a magician who is unparalleled in his ability to mix the fantastic with having a fantastic time and one of the best talents in illusion working today.”

- Brittany Frederick, Fan Sided

“Thank you so much for an amazing weekend of magic at the Mission Bay Theatre! It was wonderful to work with you. You delighted our guests with your fantastic show. They are still raving about it!”

- Christine Callaway, Producer, Mission Bay Theatre, San Diego, CA

“It was great seeing the show and my youngest was thrilled to be onstage with you. We certainly would recommend your show to the other PAC’s we work with.”

- Barry Neal, Lancaster Performing Arts Center, Lancaster, CA

“It was great working with you and your team! We really enjoyed the show and the audience had an awesome time, which is most important. They will remember this experience for a very long time!”

- Caitlin Herrion, Durham Performing Arts Center Show, Durham, NC

“Michael Grandinetti was phenomenal at The Paramount in Huntington on Long Island. He gave them a magic show to remember for a long time, and even the few skeptics in the audience were in total awe. He commanded the stage the entire time, where his love and passion for his craft were clearly evident and appreciated by all. His talent is top-notch, and his warm and humble personality stands out by a mile. His live magic show at The Paramount earned five out of five stars.”

- Markos Papadatos, Digital Journal

“We attend just about every magic show within a 90 mile radius and you were certainly among the best we have ever seen.  Your persona won us over and took us on a wonderful journey.”

- James Hauer, Riverside Resort and Casino, Riverside, IA

“I didn’t see ONE person who wasn’t on the edge of their seats during your show.  Looking forward to doing it again!”

- Brett McGinness, Director of Marketing, Reno Aces Baseball

“A great magician who can truly communicate with a TV audience.”

- Brittany Frederick, Entertainment Weekly

“I have worked in variety TV for more than 40 years, most of it with Dick Clark, and I want you to know I was truly impressed with your performance.”

- Al Schwartz, Executive Producer, CW's "Masters of Illusion"

“The show was terrific and a great addition to our event!  We look forward to seeing you again!”

- Ken Martindale, President and Chief Operating Officer, Rite Aid Corporation

“Among the most accomplished acts in the world of magic…Michael Grandinetti holds his own with well executed levitation and fire illusions.”

- Tom Gilbert, Los Angeles Times

“It was an honor to have you as a part of this historic, national event.  You were wonderful!”

- Cheryl Campbell, The White House Easter Celebration, Washington DC

“The reviews are in and you were a big hit. The show was outstanding!”

- Kurt Funk, Director of Events, The Philadelphia Phillies

“Fantastic, beautiful…a highlight!”

- Marvin Hamlisch, Pittsburgh Symphony at Heinz Hall

“Thanks for making our opening a huge ‘WOW’ for our attendees.  It was truly a pleasure to work with you!”

- Amanda Marijanovic, Producer, MYB Productions

“The show had a great energy and the audience was completely engaged.  Your charm and wit…perfect.  I loved how natural you were onstage. You are a fantastic entertainer, a pleasure to work with, and at the top of my list!”

- Paul Strabley, Event Producer, Iacono Productions

“Michael, you truly are a gifted entertainer!  On behalf of my group, I extend my deepest gratitude.  We attended your show and it was the highlight of a truly spectacular and memorable evening!”

- Dr. Joseph Michelli, Author of The Starbucks Experience, The New Gold Standard, and Prescription for Excellence

“I congratulate you on such an outstanding performance!  The audience was wowed.  It was a pleasure meeting you, working with you and experiencing your talent.  You truly put on an amazing show!” 

- Leslie Finnin, Program Manager, Grainger National Event, Navy Pier, Chicago

“I was very impressed with your wonderful performance on Friday evening.  Your show was spellbinding, I could watch it over and over again.  Your showmanship and attention to detail were exceptional!!  WELL DONE!”

- Cindy Romano, Los Angeles Entertainment Agent

“Michael was a great addition to our event!  He worked with us leading up to the show in customizing the illusions down to the last detail to fit our needs.  Our audience had a wonderful time being amazed.”

- Peter Donnelly, General Manager, Mazda North American Operations

“I had SO MUCH FUN at your show last week.  I have my 8 of clubs in my wallet.  Makes me smile every time I

look at it.  Thanks for including me in your show!”

- Renita, Film and Television Casting Director

“Our audience found your illusions to be very unique, intriguing and entertaining.  And, you tied our message in to really sell the crowd.  The outcome was phenomenal!”

- Sue McCune, JDA Software, National Retail Expo, Javits Center, New York City

“I had promised the membership an inspiring display of magic and you hit the mark.  Your charisma, professionalism, and wit make you an exceptional entertainer.”

- Joseph Iannuzzi, PASBO Executive Conference, Pittsburgh, PA

“Michael did an excellent job!  He was perfect for our trade show.  His performance leaves you wondering if he really does hold magical powers.”

- Robert Betz, Able Distributing, Spring Expo Trade Show, Wausau, WI

“You are terrific!  You gave us an excellent  performance, don’t forget us next Labor Day!”

- Lee Miller, Executive Producer, Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon

“That was awesome!  Thanks for a great show!”

- Buckhead, Radio Personality, STAR 98.7 FM, Los Angeles

It’s amazing when you’re able to find something that you love so much at an early age and are willing to perfect your craft.  That’s what Michael did.  He is just amazing!”

- Lorianne Crook and Charlie Chase, Crook & Chase National Talk Show

“Then there was Michael.  Look out Copperfield.  You’ve got competition!”

- Jules Lenier, Genii Magazine

You are brilliant and smooth and make for an excellent interview!”

- John Garabo, Radio Personality, Y108 FM, Pittsburgh PA

“Abracadabra is no longer the appropriate way to conjure up a spell.  Magic has found a new catch phrase and it goes ‘Michael Grandinetti!’  With a mind of illusion and a charming smile, Grandinetti made dividing a woman in half look effortless.  The audience was smitten, chanting their ooh’s and aah’s.”

- Samara O’Shea, Duquesne University

“I really didn’t expect much from a magic show but what a surprise I got!!  You were wonderful!!  You have charm and talent and an exciting future ahead of you.  Thank you for a great time!”

- Emily Fillmore, Audience Member

“Your magic is amazing, but your charismatic presence both on and off stage is phenomenal.  Today you sure made me feel special.”

- Bernadette Merrill, Audience Member

“I sat in the audience the entire time either smiling or gasping in absolute amazement.  Aside from your incredible magic, you’re funny, charming, and most of all genuine.  Unique should be your middle name!”

- Carrie Albrizio, Audience Member